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  Because you are on our Nursery/ For Sale page we assume that you have read our sales policy and know what a big decision it is to bring a bunny into your lives.

053.jpg                  Brayden and Cadence, with Starrs Point Hollands Keepsake (on Braydens lap), Starrs Point Hollands Isabella (on Cadences lap), and Starrs Point Hollands Pork Chop (in the middle)


                     PAST LITTERS

                                             The Night Garden Crew

                                                   Mecca Packa, Uppsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle


                                               The Sleepy Crew

                                                        Winken, blinken, and nod 


                                  The Cotton Tail Crew
Flospy, Mopsy, Cotton, and Peter



                                      The miss match crew
                                                   Cherry, Delilah, sprinkels, Dora & Lix        

001.jpg                3 BLUE TORT BUCKS FOR SALE! 50.00 each  Tattooed, Pedigreed, and hand raised (SUPER FRIENDLY) 7 Weeks old! 

                                      My kids call these little guys the trio, We love havinging them here with us but its time they find their fur-ever homes :)

            ~We have two new litters just born, August 12 & 13~
We are very excited about these litters they are second genoration Starrs Point  Holland babies. keep checking back for pictures!






If by chance you decide you just can't wait to have a new furry friend please let us know and we can point you in the direction of some really great breeders who not only have great bunnies but there great people too :)












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