Welcome to Starrs Point Hollands. We are a small rabbitry located in the small and beautiful community of Port Williams.

 Our breeding program is focused on breeding Hollands for temperament, health, quality, and type. As these bunnies are our family pets first and foremost. Our Hollands are handled daily from the time they are born. By myself (Tara) , Matthew and our children to ensure that they have a positive connection with people of all ages.



We breed Holland lops that versatile in all areas pets, 4H, shows and breeding. But first and foremost we breed them for us to enjoy. Please have a look around our site and if you have any question feel free to write and ask us.

  Thanks for Hopping by, Tara & Matthew


 Our Family

  Because you are considering becoming a
parent to one of our fur babies, we feel you
should know a little about our family.

  Matthew and I are the proud parents of 3
beautiful animal loving children.With one little baby on the way. Along with
our Holland lops we have 2 Labrador
retrievers, 2 cats, and 2 budgies. Everyday our children
help in one way or another to take care of
our pets. We feel that this helps to not only
 teach our children responsibility, but it also
helps them to be kind and caring people.



You can now catch up with us and get to know us more on facebook http://www.facebook.com/starrspointhollands

012.jpgOur Daughter Cadence. With her Rabbit SPH's Isabella, Cadence won first place with her rabbit in the dress up show. At the ARBA Halifax fall show. Cadence
was so excited and is already planning
her next costumes. She will also be
entering the youth part of the shows her
next time out :)



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