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Well I thought I would write a little note about how things are going here at the rabbitry.

   I'm very excited to say we have had our first litter of kits. Pearl Gave birth to 4 kits 3 torts and 1 smutty sable point. on August 12. Sadly we lost one of our tort babies, but the other 3 are doing wonderful and will be ready for there new homes October 7th. We also have 3 other litters dew on the 5, 20 and 21 of September These kits should be amazing.
   We are also hoping to make it to the Halifax show in September with 4 of our bunnies (Rascal, Homie, Milly and Tuffy)  :) 
   We are also thinking that come the end of January we will be adding another breed to our rabbitry :)

 Keep checking us our for update, and as always we love hearing from you, and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

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Tara - Wed May 25, 2011 @ 10:28PM
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Well we off to a slow start, but it's a start, and I would rather it this way to tell the truth. As much as I love to have lots of bunnies around, We want to make sure we are completely ready for our new babies. Right now were in the process of getting the "bunny barn" ready and though some may thing whats to get ready all you need is a few cages. Let me tell you there is so much more. Besides making sure that we have good cages with a good set up. Having a bunny barn means having a first aid kit, grooming supplies, pest control " I hate flies and so do bunnies" and each of those thing entails a very long list.

 We also have to consider things like how do we want to water them I like water bottles, but using water bottles means I need an extra for each cage so I can change them for washing and having the really big ones on hand for when you have litters lots of babies means lots of food and water. there is also the feed ect. I could go on believe me lol.

   Oh and one last thought before I stop this blog, I am super excited that I may after all get to go to the rabbit show next month... This will be my first so I don't think I'll show this time but I'm really good at watching and learning :) who knows I may just become a regular out at the shows.

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